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Our hosting servers are configured in such a way – that not only do they meet the needs of demanding WordPress MultiSites – but virtually any web site design type including PHP and CMS programs like WordPress, OSCommerce and other php scripts all perform very well.

We offer our WordPress and WordPress MultiSite clients a team that actually knows about the challenges encountered building WordPress and WPMU MultiSite Hosting environments – to include the needs/requirements of Domain Mapping and Multi DB MultiSites.

Shared Hosting
VPS/Reseller Hosting
Our server configurations have the power and performance to succeed in delivering web pages fast to the high speed internet connections of today and to those of the foreseeable future.

We take great care to make sure our servers are packed with the CPU’s that offer great power and ensuring that the appropriate amount of RAM memory is allocated to each processor enabling it’s peak performance.

But that is not all, we have carefully configured the PHP settings to allow 1024 MB’s of PHP RAM memory ( not to be confused with over all RAM memory ) unlike many of our competitors that offer only 128 MB’s of PHP memory – squeezing the PHP code of the clients web site processes into a smaller working space resulting in performance degradation.

Dedicated Servers
At AECNU WPMU Hosting, hosting and networks are our profession and life blood of our business and every hosting clients hosting needs are important to us. Our MultiSite hosting clients have the extra benefit of us knowing the hosting platforrn that makes their MultiSites and other web site properties go around.

Our hosting packages offer competitive configurations at low cost rivaling our competitors that try to use smoke and mirrors claiming unlimited this and that – when in fact doing some under the radar tactic like counting your “inodes” or “throttling” the bandwidth if not both.

Simple proof of that is if this were true, other then add-on’s our competitors would have only one plan. What more could one possibly need if everything is truly unlimited?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the answer to that question.

So join the professional and honest hosting company that hopes to make your hosting experience pleasant and informed with clear cut explanations and not a bunch of lying sales hoopla –> AECNU WPMU Hosting ready and waiting to serve your hosting needs.

*All plans include but not limited to: Cloud Linux 6+ 64 bit, SNI Technology, PHP 4.4 – 7 Selectable per cPanel account, MySQL 10+ MariaDB, Softaculous, Secure cPanel Access portal, Secure Web Mail Access portal, UNLIMITED Domains, UNLIMITED Virtual Hosts, UNLIMITED Email Accounts, UNLIMITED MySQL Databases, UNLIMITED FTP Accounts, Fully Redundant Network, Fully Burstable Bandwidth, Complimentary Backups, 24×7 Ticket Support, Ultra-fast hardware, and 99%+ Uptime ( we must perform server maintenance every once in awhile )

Some specific WordPress/WPMU hosting considerations with every plan: 1024 MB PHP memory, wildcard DNS/Wildcard sub domains, Domain Mapping and Multi DB compatible

**Unlimited is in respect to available disk space of the selected plan.

*** All shared hosting including VPS/Reseller accounts come with FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates managed right in our custom cPanel integration and FREE Enom account which one requests via our support ticket system.

**** VPS/Reseller accounts come with WHM/cPanel and free dedicated IP for the account

***** Dedicated servers have additional upgrades/options available through the order process i.e. HDD’s, control panel etc. In addition, we offer free monitoring SMS alerts via third party node ping so you know when/if connectivity to your dedicated server is in distress and for how long it is/was in distress.

What we do not do …

We do not tell you unlimited disk space and instead count your files and/or inodes nor do we tell you unlimited bandwidth and instead throttle the bandwidth sending it through a straw instead of a fire hose – which in effect absolutely limits the bandwidth just as it does the water through a straw versus a fire hose.

We do not disable the backup facilities native to WHM/cPanel and then try to get you to pay for backups – as a matter of fact we perform complimentary automated backups weekly on all shared servers i.e. shared hosting and VPS’s and once your site reaches a certain size we do not just back up the database like some of our competitors practice – we indeed include all the files as well. ( Does not include dedicated servers which have the ability to do automated backups via WHM on their own )

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